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We don’t make logos.

We build brands.

Regera branding
Regera branding

These are the brands we’ve built.

This is how we do branding.

What goes into our brands? Thought. And a lot of it.

We put a lot of thought into choosing the right brand name for your company because it’s your baby. You should love it.

A brand symbol will personify your brand by giving it a distinct identity that your target market will connect with.





If green can be all of the above, then the dictionary doesn’t have enough adjectives to describe our colour palette.
Ever had to interview millions of candidates to find the best one for the job? This is precisely what we do to choose the font that perfectly embodies your brand’s unique personality.
If a few centimetres can change everything when mounting a painting on a wall, then you can imagine what a few millimetres can do with the placement of your brand name & symbol.

This is our branding process.

1. Understanding your branding needs


2. Brand visioning & logo creation


3. Logo revision & completion

Actually, there’s one last step.

And it’s the most important one.


4. Strengthening your brand:

You can do this by making sure everything from your website to your employee uniforms shows off your new brand.

JustSam branding
JustSam branding

You can go with a company that makes logos, or one that builds brands.

Your move.

You can go with a company that makes logos,

or one that builds brands.

Your move.

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch and we’ll take your branding to the next level.

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