Who we are.

We are proud to be the very first marketing company in Ottawa and Gatineau to specialize in marketing strategy.

We’re on a mission.

Fortify business with solid marketing decisions. We’re determined to improve the quality of marketing efforts everywhere. This may be ambitious, but you can only go as high as you aim.

We've got vision.

We aim to be the agency that companies think of and turn to when they decide to take their marketing to the next level.

What we do.

Simply put, we come up with solid plans and help businesses to invest in the right marketing activities.

Meet our team!

Taro Abarbanel-Uemura, Marketing strategist

Taro Abarbanel-Uemura

Marketing Strategist & Project Leader Fortified is headed by Taro Abarbanel-Uemura (try to pronounce it). When he isn’t downing espresso shots while devising marketing strategies in the “situation room”, he can be found at a coffee shop in Little Italy, or marathoning shows and documentaries on Netflix.

Kristina Asamoah, Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Kristina Dapaah

Social Media Specialist & Content Creator She’s best described as a ‘latte sipper’ with a knack for social results. When she isn’t scheduling content for a client’s social feed, she can be found blogging from her kitchen table while somewhat listening to a TED Talk.

Marika Escaravage, Social Impact & Project Leader

Marika Escaravage

Social Impact & Project Leader Marika is a business savvy bleeding heart. When she isn’t crafting plans and marketing copy for her socially-conscious clients, you’ll find her at the Pilates studio or embarrassing her husband with her obvious choice of puns.

Caio Vinicius Xavier Fernandes, Web Designer

Caio Fernandes

Website Designer & Developer Caio is Fortified Marketing’s go-to web guy. When he’s not working on your website, he can be found taking beautiful pictures of the city. He loves learning new things about science, design, technology and Roman history, just as much as tweeting about it.

What they've been saying:

Mark Baril - President & CEO, Regera Inc.

"Working with Fortified Marketing was an amazing experience; the level of professionalism, care and attention to detail surpassed my expectations. Through numerous meetings and assessments, Fortified Marketing went the extra mile to get to know the culture of our company, our vision, and plans... This is in large part why the final result was immaculate. I highly recommend any business, big or small, to work with Fortified Marketing."

What they've been saying:

Geneviève Robillard - VP of Corporate Affairs, In Virtuo

"We are super satisfied by the service we received from the Fortified Team for their professionalism, efficacy and the overall quality of their work. We would recommend them in a heartbeat!"

What they've been saying:

Stéphane Bouchard - President of the 2015 Congress Organizing Committee for SQRP, President of In Virtuo

"I chose to do business with Fortified Marketing on a number of occasions because of the unparalleled professionalism of Mr. Taro Abarbanel-Uemura. He conceived of high-quality advertising for our Congress, in a way that was consistent with our branding, that was widely praised by attendees and helped initiate profitable collaborations. I recommend them whole-heartedly."

We write about marketing and stuff.

If that interests you, then our blog will too.

Important Marketing Activities for Companies in the Tourism Industry

Important Marketing Activities for Companies in the Tourism Industry

As the search for information occurs almost exclusively within the digital space nowadays, companies that operate in the tourism industry should have a marketing strategy that is digitally focused. Here are a few ideas that should be considered: search engine optimization (SEO), website translation, engaging online content, quality & quantity of reviews, customer retention.

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Working with Millennials: Why your business should hire them.

Working with Millennials: Why your business should hire them.

Having a Millennial on your team opens up an opportunity for innovation and creativity. Not only do Millennials multitask a lot better than previous generations, they often think outside of the box and are extremely tech-savvy. Forward-looking employers are embracing the next generation. They are working with Millennials, leveraging their unique characteristics to help move their business in the right direction. There are a number great things about working with Millennials. Understanding these qualities and knowing how to use them can greatly benefit your business.

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