This is what we do best.

Fortified Marketing strategy

We create marketing strategies and put them into action.

The conception and execution of a marketing plan is an art and a science.

It also happens to be our area of expertise.

Our marketing strategy process.

This is what happens in a nutshell. An oversized nutshell:

It all starts when you meet Taro. Odds are it will be at a coffee shop because he’s kind of addicted to lattes.

Fortified Marketing strategies meeting

He’ll probably ask questions. Lots of questions.

Fortified Marketing strategies questions

Your answers will help him understand your business and guide his research.

Fortified Marketing strategies research

You’ll reconvene again, probably at a coffee shop, where he will ask you even more questions.

questions icons

Then, Taro will go back to his office (AKA “the situation room”) and make a double shot of espresso while he listens to his classical music playlist  – his pre-strategy ritual.

Fortified Marketing strategies preparation

No one really knows what happens in between, but Taro will emerge from the situation room with a solid marketing strategy.

Fortified Marketing strategies ideas

You’ll both meet again, and this time, he comes bearing something. Behold, A marketing plan!

Fortified Marketing strategies plan

You’ll say “This is fantastic!”

Fortified Marketing strategies customer satisfaction

Taro will say “It was the espresso.”

Fortified Marketing strategies feedback

Your business will never be the same again!

Fortified Marketing strategies improvement

Implementing a marketing plan.

We help with that too.

Hence, your new marketing department.

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Fortified Marketing brand strategy

We don’t make logos.

We build brands.

Fortified Marketing Regera branding strategy

What they've been saying:

Mark Baril - President & CEO, Regera Inc.

"Working with Fortified Marketing was an amazing experience; the level of professionalism, care and attention to detail surpassed my expectations. Through numerous meetings and assessments, Fortified Marketing went the extra mile to get to know the culture of our company, our vision, and plans... This is in large part why the final result was immaculate. I highly recommend any business, big or small, to work with Fortified Marketing."

What they've been saying:

Geneviève Robillard - VP of Corporate Affairs, In Virtuo

"We are super satisfied by the service we received from the Fortified Team for their professionalism, efficacy and the overall quality of their work. We would recommend them in a heartbeat!"

What they've been saying:

Stéphane Bouchard - President of the 2015 Congress Organizing Committee for SQRP, President of In Virtuo

"I chose to do business with Fortified Marketing on a number of occasions because of the unparalleled professionalism of Mr. Taro Abarbanel-Uemura. He conceived of high-quality advertising for our Congress, in a way that was consistent with our branding, that was widely praised by attendees and helped initiate profitable collaborations. I recommend them whole-heartedly."

Is your brand happy?

An audit can help determine the overall health of your brand.
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Research icon and chessboard

Got a question?

What should my blog content focus on?

Is this the right location for my new store?

How do consumers perceive my company?

How satisfied are my clients?

Do my prices optimize sales revenue?

Should I reposition my brand?

Who is my website attracting?

What impact will this ad have on my target market?


Market research is your answer.

Fortified Marketing focus group icon

Focus Group

Fortified Marketing market analysis icon

Market Analysis

Fortified Marketing questionnaires icon


Fortified Marketing targer market analysis icon

Target Market Analysis

Fortified Marketing analytics icon


Fortified Marketing observational research icon

Observational Research

Fortified Marketing tactical marketing strategy

Putting the plan into action.

Everything we suggest in our marketing plans, you can do. And we will help you do it.

Remember, we’re your new marketing department.

If we can’t do it in-house, we know a good neighbour that can.

Tactical marketing decisions

Every detail, from a spelling mistake on a menu to the cleanliness of your customer bathroom, is a reflection of your business. We don’t overlook the small things. We make them count.

Expert marketing advice.

Want to brush up on your marketing prowess? Feel free to pick our brain. We offer consulting sessions with business owners to empower them with expert marketing advice.
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