Working with Millennials: Why your business should hire them.

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There are a few stereotypes that go along with being a Millennial – social media-obsessed and melodramatic come to mind. Despite the bad press, the inevitable has happened and the next generation is entering the workforce!

Forward-looking employers are embracing the next generation. They are working with Millennials, leveraging their unique characteristics to help move their business in the right direction.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Many shy away from the idea of working with Millennials. This is a mistake! Having a Millennial on your team opens up an opportunity for innovation and creativity. Not only do Millennials multitask a lot better than previous generations, they often think outside of the box and are extremely tech-savvy. Are you struggling to build your online presence? Millennials strive with social media and content creation.

Forward-looking employers are embracing the next generation. They are working with Millennials, leveraging their unique characteristics to help move their business in the right direction.

There are a number great things about working with Millennials. Understanding these qualities and knowing how to use them can greatly benefit your business.

Here are our top 5 reasons on why your business needs a Millennial perspective:


Millennials have grown up using computers and the Internet. They innately know of how to operate software, and this extends far beyond the Microsoft Office suite. Millennials keep up with the latest tech, and have an acute ability to pick up and quickly learn new technologies. This can be a major asset to businesses that are looking to get with the times. Working with Millennials can be great when implementing new technologies. By the way, they are great at managing social media too.


Millennials are always up-to-date on the latest social, political and entertainment news. While, they may not have the deepest understanding thereof, they can help to keep your organization informed on latest affairs. This is particularly useful for managing social media, and keeping an eye on market trends, where knowing up-to-the-minute facts is particularly important. Working with Millennials can keep your business aware and relevant.


Social media has taught Millennials to express themselves. While the Baby Boomer generation resists this level of openness, the new generation isn’t afraid to speak its mind and put its ideas out there. In the workplace, their unfiltered opinions and alternative perspective can translate to exciting brainstorming sessions and uncover unique solutions.

Team Players.

It has been said that Generation X is “The Me Generation”. And contrary to the idea that social media is isolating, Millennial are “The We Generation”. They are collaborative, team players that strongly value relationships. Millennials are great in a team setting, have a heightened sense of community and are keen on making positive contributions to corporate culture. Working with Millennials can translate to a higher workplace collaboration, which is great for business.

Opportunity Seeking.

Millennials are aware of the highly competitive job-market. Landing a job in their field of interest is increasingly difficult as experience is a driving factor behind getting hired. Unlike workers for previous generations, who may have been used to calling the shots during their careers, this generation is highly enthusiastic about new opportunities that come its way. That being said, Millennials do not have a long-term career focus; Job security is not very important to them. Millennials tend to change jobs every 2-5 years. This can be a challenge for employers that are looking for long-term replacements their now retiring Baby Boomers.

Highly Motivated.

Millennials seek praise. They have a “everyone is a winner” mentality, reinforced by the liberal distribution of participation awards and gold stars during their elementary schooling! You would think that a pat on the back does little to motivate employees, but Millennials thrive off of such small gestures of recognition. They are highly motivated by their pursuit of validation. This new generation needs more feedback and positive reinforcement than Baby Boomers, but this hand-holding will be followed by a superior level of motivation and quality of work. In fact, keeping them motivating and committing to their personal development off-sets their tendency to seek out new career opportunities.

To recap

The new generation is a little quirky, but with the right opportunity and good leadership, its quirks can rejuvenate organizations. Millennials are tech-savvy, up-to-the-minute, self-expressive and team players that are highly motivated by challenging and rewarding working environments. Organizations should hire more of them. Working with Millennials can be refreshing and will help your business to progress in the right direction.

Meet the author.

Shereen Munshi


Fortified Marketing’s Apprentice, Shereen has a knack for interacting with others and engaging with the community. When she isn’t brainstorming and creating content with Taro she can be found updating her Fantasy Football Team or watching The Lord of the Rings Trilogy for the umpteenth time.

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